Greg Jackson

Sir Jackson’s Amazing Bear Tale

When Asked to tell us a story about bears, Greg told this true tale about the bears in our own backyard:

It was getting late in the afternoon on the last day of bear season, and I was sitting around watching football when I remembered that 4 year old Brad, and 8 year old Britney have been promised a hunt. Since it was the last day, I figured that it was best to get that done.

We all walked about 800 yards and took a position near a small opening and sat for about 30 minutes letting Brad and Britney catch snowflakes on their tongues, but when the snowballs began to fly I knew it was time to go home. On the way back to the house we saw some bear tracks. We all ran to the house and then I went back on the tracks.

I was within 30 yards of the bear when he took off. The chase was on at this point. I could see him , but I knew if I stopped to take a shot it would give him more distance in this dense under story forest. I had stayed with him the whole time. We traveled 3/4 mile east to a very dense Douglas Hawthorne patch where I had to leave the bear’s tracks and take the uphill side of the patch. I caught site of the bear moving about in the dense cover. With daylight becoming a factor in this final day of the season, I went in after him, pushed him out and into the forest under story, and the bear was on the run.

However at the edge of the Hawthorne patch the bear left a fresh pile of scat. By this gesture I was somewhat offended. It was as if the bear was saying, “look buddy, I have all the time in the world and I am not scared.” Well, I got on his trail and jumped him again. He came out on a trail and this time wasn’t stopping to leave anything. He was in my sight the whole time on this trail but the winding trail did not allow for a good shot.

But I knew the trails. It Y’ed off just ahead, and the bear took the right side, I took the left and both came out into a large opening. He was surely all mine in the open. When I got to the opening there was no bear. I waited but still no bear. I went down to where he would have come out and saw no tracks, so I backtracked. En route to where our trails had split, I was on the alert not knowing where he was as I looked on the ground, in my boot print heading west was a big bear print heading south.

He had laid sprawled out 10 feet away from the trail I had taken until I passed and behind my back he ran up into the hill and into the night. With great respect, I raised my rifle and said,”Well done bear , well done.” that is the greatest hunt I have been on.