Colton has been my show gelding for years. In 2003 he had orthroscopic surgery, then in 2005 I had two knee surgeries, and then my mother passed away. These events kept us out of shape & out of the show ring. In spring of 2010, we are getting back into “show shape,” with hopes to compete again this summer. Colton is the love of my life; We have been through so much together that to this day he soothes me when I need it.

I would like to honor my father’s mounts at this time: His riding mare, “Pepsi”, saved his life. While out hunting miles away from our home, a blizzard suddenly hit and he couldn’t even see the horn of his saddle, never mind trying to find his way home. He could only sit, and let Pepsi walk. After quite some time had passed, my father was able to make out a faint glow in the distance. Pepsi had navigated her way back to our house where our yard light was on in the evening. Pepsi went on to product a terrific foal, whom we enjoyed on many trails even after dad passed away. My father and I had a wonderful time breeding these hearty mountain horses. Sometime in the 80s one of our clients from overseas bought Fancy, an appaloosa mare, and flew her to Germany where they live… NOW that’s a switch!
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Registered “Double O Seven”

(not for Sale)

In 2009 I awaited the arrival of the foal out of Lillie and the stallion Dacaprio. The wait was worth every minute. This stunning colt takes your breath away. Duke is a bay with a white perfect star, a white pastern, and two half pasterns with ermine spots. His disposition is wonderful and his gaits very very fancy. At the time of this description, early 2010, he and Colton are buddies. This amazes me as Colton is usually nasty to any other horse that takes my attention away from him.

Duke is so smart that he picks up his lessons quickly. We like them to stand still for the farrier, be tied, bathed, clipped and load on and off a trailer and just be patient enough for coming yearlings to stand still for a few moments. I am always a bit smug if I have a foal loading and or getting back in the trailer somewhere and another person is having a REALLY hard time doing the same thing with an older horse sometimes even with help. These lessons take forever as foals have the attention span of a gnat. During their recess we go on to something else or ride and have another lesson or two again.
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He will eat every banana in sight and even pack small children around the arena. In 2009 Henry qualified for the Dressage at Devon in “Prix St. Georges” This wonderful man will give you his heart and soul.
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